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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Game time is 9 PM? Say what?

Our adopted hometown of Ogden has acquired an indoor football team this year, the Ogden Knights. And since I never traveled down to Salt Lake to see their arena football team before the league folded, I thought it might be fun to spectate some indoor football with the Knights.

I thought the BSU and I would go last Saturday night until I discovered that game time is 9 PM! What is up with that? Don't the people that arrange these things know that folks with a few bucks to spend- old guys like me, are ready to put their feet up at home by 9?

We like going to Grizzlies hockey and their ganes start at 7 and run until 9:30 so an indoor football has to run as long, doesn't it? I have no idea why these games start at 9 PM but the entire season is like that. So unless I'm willing to start taking naps in the afternoon so I can stay up late enough, I won't be taking in any Knights games.

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